Staff Portraits – The Agriculturist

Each fall and spring semester at Texas Tech, Savant Photography takes the staff portraits for The Agriculturist, an agricultural magazine published by students of the Agricultural Communications Department.

One of our very own here at Savant Photography has a strong connection to this magazine, as Cody Trimble, Studio Coordinator, was the teaching assistant for the class when he worked on his Master’s degree at Tech.  Trimble describes the class as a tremendous opportunity for seniors to take everything they have learned while at Tech and put it to use in one class.

“Writing, photography, graphic design and marketing are all a major part of The Agriculturist class,” Trimble said.  “I believe the students really enjoy getting to bring everything together they have learned into a magazine with their name on it.”

The magazine covers stories about the College of Agriculture at Tech along with other local agricultural stories.  From profiles of students and professors to the research being done by Tech, the students get to choose from a wide variety of topics to cover.  Most of the students in the class come from some kind of agricultural background, so they are really passionate about writing great stories that help promote agriculture, Trimble said.

One thing about the class stood out most for Trimble.

“At the beginning of the semester most students are focused on their individual story, but by the end they have all become a team with the common goal of publishing a high quality magazine,” Trimble said.

Trimble attributes this to the professor of the class, Dr. David Doerfert.  Trimble said Dr. Doerfert does a great job of inspiring the students to create a magazine for more than the grade, but something students, faculty, staff and alumni will all be proud of and enjoy reading.

To learn more about The Agriculturist check out their Facebook page.

You can read the most current and previous issues of the magazine here.

Agriculturist Staff Portrait Agriculturist Staff Portrait

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