Poll Glitch

So, there has been a glitch with the Cutest Couple Poll. Per poll, you can only vote once, but I want people to vote once a day! So, I will redo the poll every morning so that you can vote. I will start the poll with the date, so you will know that you are voting on the right day. This way you can vote for your favorite couple once a day!

Also, as you come to vote for your favorite couple, be sure to bookmark the page and to add yourself as a follower. You can follow me by clicking the “follow” button at the bottom of the right hand column. Right now I have 9 followers and I want to have many more that that! I love to know where the people that read my blog are from. I saw a Doole, Texas as one of the hits. Who lives in Doole and how did you find my site?

Keep voting!

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