I am a deadbeat

No, really, the past week has not gone as planned. Savant has been closed for the holidays (other than the 2 weddings that I photographed) and I had big plans. Then baby’s room was to be finished, clothes washed and stuffed animals in place. My laundry was to be done, Christmas tree down and personal pictures organized and ordered. Basically, I was going to have a personal week to get everything done so I could just focus on work.

December 26th, I got sick. I emerged for a wedding and not again until New Year’s Eve. I still didn’t feel good then.

So, I am tired and my work has piled up! But, I am going to write a few New Year’s resolutions (and post them once I get them done) and I am really going to do everything I say.

Do you think that my time would be better spent writing the resolutions or actually getting to work. Hmmm…something to ponder.
Here is a completely unrelated photo that I love. We had some of our out of town friends over during the Thanksgiving holiday. From Left to Right by couple: Me and Nick, Melody and Joaquin, Shelly and Nathan, Lindsey and Brandon, and Rita and Patrick.
Shelly and Nathan will be welcoming a baby girl into the world on Tuesday! I am so excited. Georgia (our baby) and Colbie (their baby) are going to be best friends, I just know it.
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