Commercial Photography – Bednarz

The images you use to portray your company on your website, social media, and in marketing tools can really say a lot about you.  High quality, spectacular portraits could take you the next level and put you above your competitors in your customer’s mind.

Darrell Bednardz, of Darrell Bednarz Insurance, chose Savant Photographic Artistry to take portraits for his website and the promotion of his agency.  According to Bednarz, Leslie did a superb and professional job.  He continued she was willing to work around his schedule, which made things much easier on him.  He was especially pleased with how she thought outside of the box.  This included his favorite portrait of he and his team looking up from the cotton field.  To him, this represented how his business is always looking up for more growth.

Bednarz said he would recommend Savant for any personal or business photography.

You can visit his websites by clicking the links below.

Darrell Bednarz Insurance 

DRB Financial


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